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SMA Best Destination in Mexico. FOOD / TRAVEL

was named
"The Best Destination in Mexico"
 by Food & Travel.


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Capilla Sixtina de America?
ATOTONILCO, San Miguel de Allende,

 Patrimonio Cultural de la Humanidad,



Capilla del Santuario de Atotonilco


Colegio de Arquitectos de

San Miguel de Allende







San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico, and the Sanctuary of Jesus Nazareno in Atotonilco are a Cultural World Heritage Sites of the Humanity, by the "UNESCO".

San Miguel de Allende is NUMBER ONE, of the Top 25 Cities in the World. on the Reader's Choice Awards, October 2013, from "CONDE NAST TRAVELER"

San Miguel de Allende was designated by ¨FOOD & TRAVEL¨ Mexico, Reader Awards, "The Best Destination in Mexico" on November 2014. 

On the World's Best Awards of July 2016... "TRAVEL & LEISURE" magazine wrote: 

SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE is the Third City of the World's Best Cities + The the number One of the Cities in Mexico & Central & South America!

San Miguel de Allende is visited by Thousands of Foreigners and Nationals, because its Enchanting Athmosphere, Architecture, Culture, History, Weather, but principaly by his friendly People.

Hundreds of prestigious magazines and newspapers have wrote about this wonderful city. Many movies has been filmed here. And today are very popular the Weddings, some weekends you can count up to 12.

You must to visit San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico!


"GEOMUNDO" magazine in it is special edition of Vacations 3 of 1996, published  "The 12 places of Mexico that satisfied the tourist more", and San Miguel de Allende was in the First place !

"FORTUNE"    magazine in its issue of August 19th, 1996 published "The States on Paradise", an article about the 20 best paradise places for retirement in the world. San Miguel de Allende was one of them..

"ARTES DE MEXICO"  magazine made a special issue, number 33, 1996, completely dedicated to "San Miguel de Allende". In which it praised the history, beauty and the magic charm of this part of Mexico..

"TRAVEL & LEISURE" magazine in its September issue, at the "World's best awards 1997", placed San Miguel de Allende, in the 17 th. of the top 25 cities all around the world..

Also the 1st. place of the "Best Latin American Cities".  San Miguel deserved this placement because its activities/attractions, culture/arts, people, restaurants/food and value..  

On February 1998 issue, San Miguel was placed at the 10 th place of the "World's Best Values"..

September1st issue:  "World's best awards 1998",  San Miguel de Allende is placed at the 24 th of the 25 World's Best Cities: and at the 1st. place of the "Best Cities of Mexico, Central  and South America". 

On the "World best values 1999", San Miguel de Allende, is at the 6 th  place of the "Top 10 Cities around the World".

 November 1999, at the Readers Choice awards of    "TRAVEL & LEISURE" magazine, San Miguel de Allende, is again listed on the Top 100.

On the overall around the world score is placed in number 14th. On the overall North America score is placed in number 7 th..

But the most important is that San Miguel de Allende, deserved the place NUMBER  ONE among all regions around the world, because of its environment and ambience.

On the World Best Awards of "TRAVEL & LEISURE" magazine, August 2010, SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE deserves thee 4th. PLACE of top cities overall in the World and thee FIRST PLACE of Mexico, Central & South America Cities..

Also, the SECOND place overall regions in the world, because of the friendliness people..

On the World's Best Awards of July 2016... "TRAVEL & LEISURE" magazine wrote: 

SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE is the Third City of the World's Best Cities + The the number One of the Cities in Mexico & Central & South America!


The prestigious "CONDE NAST TRAVELER" September issue,  at the "Ten Annual Reader's Choice Awards, World's Best 1997 Winners", gave San Miguel de Allende the 7 th. place of "Top 20 Foreign cities", all around the world;  because of  its environment/ambience, people/friendliness, cultural enrichment, restaurants, fun/energy.

In the Readers' Choice Poll of November 1998, San Miguel de Allende was in the 17th. place.

At the end of the last Milleniumm "CONDE NAST TRAVELER" considers at the "2000  Readers' Choice Awards" San Miguel de Allende at the 10 th place of the most important Foreign Cities all around the world.

But forget all these magazines and many others that have written wonderful things about this outstanding city. VISIT US !1!


" Take a moment of personal delight and enjoy it !  You will discover how blessed by heaven is this mystic & enchanted town ".

We  are  really sure  that on  the  list  of places  in  the  World,  that You  should    see  in  a  lifetime  YOU  WILL PLACE  " SAN  MIGUEL  DE  ALLENDE ", ON  THE  TOP !

ABC REALTY agency will take you to discover the enchantment of the sloping cobblestone streets, colorful parks and gardens, magnificent colonial architecture of the XVIII century, fascinating history, great culture, public security, helpful and friendly people dedicated to preserve their traditions; in a few words, what make visitors change into residents.

We invite you to discover more about SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE ON THE MEDIA



San Miguel de Allende is one of the oldest cities located in the center of the Mexican Republic. Founded on September 29 of 1542 by the father Fray Juan de San Miguel. In 1555 became "Villa de San Miguel el Grande" (village of San Miguel the great)..

On march 8th, 1826 it received its present name : San Miguel de Allende honoring its founder Ignacio Allende and our Independence hero.

In 1982 it became a national monument and historic zone.  That's why the "INAH"      ( Anthropology and History National Institute) is a jealous guardian of the colonial character of the city; an image which San Miguel residents are proud to preserve. We invite you to participate in the conservation and to respect our architecture, customs and values.

San Miguel de Allende, is where important rebel heroes were born, such as Ignacio de Allende Unzaga, Juan and Ignacio Aldama and many others plotters. Who animate and brighter the spirit of the Independence of the Country. This is where the 1st liberation meetings took place in the early 1800's. So the city is called The Forge of National Independence Liberation meetings took place in the early 1800's. So the city is called the Forge of National Independence.



San Miguel de Allende is located at the east of the state of Guanajuato, its coordinates are 20 Degrees 54' 08" of latitude North and 100 Degrees 44' 10" West latitude of meridian Greenwich.  Its average height is 6,250 ft above sea level.

San Miguel de Allende has one of the most desirable climates in the world, it's annual average temperature is between 54 Fahrenheit degrees and 64 Fahrenheit degrees the coldest month is 39 Fahrenheit degrees and 64 Fahrenheit degrees (December or January); while the hottest is between 54 Fahrenheit degrees and 93 Fahrenheit degrees (may). You'll enjoy a moderate dry warm summer, with some rain and a fresh dry winter.

The annual average of sunny hours is 2,400, the barometric pressure of 759 mm and the annual average of relative humidity at 2 pm of 40%. The annual average precipitation is 505 mm, especially between June and September. The weather is the main reason why a great number of foreigners to come and visit us to enjoy a warm winter, and/or a summer without humidity and extreme heat.

This city is part of the touristic corridor of Colonial Cities : Queretaro-San Miguel de Allende-Guanajuato, only 55 kkilometers away. You have the most important industrial corridor of the center of the country: Queretaro-Celaya -Salamanca -Irapuato -Silao -Leon -Aguascalientes well known as "Corredor del Bajio" (lowland corridor).

Another attraction of San Miguel's location is that it is so near to other colonial cities, or interesting places, such as Zacatecas, Fray Junipero Serra Missions, Yuriria, Patzcuaro, Morelia, and many more. Also, you can be at a nice beach in a couple of hours by plane or by car.



By road, you may take 57 Federal highways and then continue to Dr. Mora-San Miguel road..

However, if time is limited, the International Airport of Mexico City is located at 270 kilometers from here or the brand new International Airport in Leon well known as "DEL BAJIO" located at 120 kilometers. The city of Celaya is 54 kilometers away and has an airport with Charters and National flights.

SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE  is closer to you right now and you have several options:

The new INTERCONTINENTAL  AIRPORT  OF  QUERETARO, code "QRO" officially opened on December 2004 and has a daily flights to and from: Houston, Dallas, Tijuana, Mexico, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Zihuatanejo, Acapulco and Cancun.  You can choose: American Airlines, United Airlines, Aeromexico, Tar, Volaris and Viva Aerobus.

This brand new Intercontinental Airport close to the City of Queretaro shall be only forty five minutes (45 ) from San Miguel de Allende, 85 Kilometers through a brand new, safe and well build road.  Of course you are able to rent a car from: Hertz, Thrifti, Dolar, Europcar, Avis & Sixt, from this modern and well designed airport..

The best way ( faster and safer ) to come to San Miguel de Allende right now is to fly to LEON'S INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT   ( well known as DEL BAJIO, code - BJX - )  and from there you can either  take  a  cab,   hire a van  OR  rent  a  car  with : Avis, Budget, Dollar, Hertz, National, Alamo, Budget, Europcar or  Thrifty. FLIGHT STATS

There are direct flights to and from: Dallas / Fort worth, Houston Intercontinental, Los Angeles, Chicago O hare and Midway, Atlanta, Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez, Monterrey, Mexico City and Cancun, to this New Airport ( BJX ) which is only One hour twenty minutes from San Miguel de Allende.

The Internationall Airlines that arrive to Leon's Airport are Continental, American Airlines, United Airlines, United Express, Delta Air lines, US Airways, Brithis Airways,  Air New Zealand, Iberia, Air Canada, Air France, Aeromexico, Lan, Avianca, Interjet, Volaris and Viva Aerobus.

You may also fly to MEXICO CITY, INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, where you may take a comfortable large   tourist bus and three and half hours later, you should be in San Miguel and three and half hours later, you should be in San Miguel.


There is DIRECT DAILY SHUTTLE SERVICE door to door from MEXICO'S AIRPORT ( 24 hour service to and from Mexico City Airport ) US $ 75 per person, based on 2 people booking together.

And LEON'S AIRPORT ( 24 hour service from Leon Airport to San Miguel ) US $ 29 per person; with "VIAJES DE SAN MIGUEL": ( advanced reservation is required )  Phones : 011 52 ( 415 ) 152 2537 and fax 152 2538, e-mail:,

OR BAJIOGO:  e-mail:  Phones: 011 52 (415) 152 1999

OR you can contactt  "AMERICAN EXPRESS":  Phones: 011 52 ( 415 ) 152 1856 / 152 6195 and fax 152 0499; they are on Hidalgo street number 1A in San Miguel.

If you wish to have a "Personal Shuttle Service" to and from the Airports or to take Tours to nearby places from San Miguel de Allende, we suggest "Transtour Colonial" who has a float of brand new clean, comfortable air conditioned cars. Telephones:      ( 011 52) 41515 22892 or ( 01152 ) 4422 035395..  E-mails:: or


Buses are also available from the MEXICO CITY AIRPORT, about every hour or half-hour, (Tel. 55/5786-9357). You can take the PRIMERA PLUS to Queretaro City, (3 hours nonstop), then take another bus to San Miguel de Allende (One hour), usually every 20 minutes by FLECHA AMARILLA or PEGASSO.  They have alternating departures.

If you arrive in Queretaro by First-Class Bus... You'll be in Terminal A. Go our the door, turn right and walk to Terminal B.

You can also go to the Central del Nort Bus Station in Mexico City and catch a bus straight to San Miguel de Allende either: PRIMERA PLUS ( Tel. 01 800 / 375 7587 in Mexico) or the ETN (Tel. 01 800 / 800 0386 in Mexico) that has the Best Service, with wide seats that recline far back.

San Miguel's main Station is at Calzada de la Estacion. Telephone number is (415) 152 2206

As you can see, San Miguel de Allende is very near to the great technological advantages for travelers, without having the inconveniences of a large city, such as noise, crowds, pollution and very near to the great technological advantages for travelers, without having the inconveniences of a large city, such as noise, crowds, pollution and danger.



There are many Accommodations ranging in price from $50 to $2,000 USD/night...  Please visit the links and choose the best for you!!

Find your Luxurious or Modest  Hotels in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

But if you wish More Value for your Money ABC REALTY  suggest our exclusive  Vacation Rentals in San Miguel de Allende. 

Most Private Vacations homes offer considerably more space and flexibility than you will find in the typical hotel room often at reduced cost.  Vacation Rental Homes often contain many personal and convenient items that will increase the Confort and of course kitchen and Privace..

If you really want to enjoy some Wonderful and Unforgetablee  Holidays in San Miguel de Allende. ABC REALTY will provide you a personal attention... Of course you will receive a World Class Service from our trained personel with warmth and courtesy that you deserve and Tips and hints that only the locals know. 

This can make a huge difference in the enjoyment of your trip.. Inclusive if you are only staying in San Miguel de Allende for a weekend or if you are invited to a weeding.  Choose San Miguel Inn


San Miguel is a small city, with a population of 80,000 inhabitants. Approximately, 18,000 are foreign residents. This mixture gives it a cosmopolitan environment, where you will find excellent restaurants with international and Mexican food, first class hotels, jazz concerts or theater shows.

Night life is varied, you can either have a drink in a romantic patio under the stars, or dance salsa, disco, blues, or rock all night long and finish up at dawn, enjoying the great view at "el mirador".

Another option is to enjoy the Mexican music in any of the many bars that offer mariachis with joyful tunes, romantic trios, tropical groups or folk band music..

During the day, you can enjoy a hot springs resort, where the water temperature is about 105 Fahrenheit degrees . Such as Taboada, Sta. Veronica, Escondido place, La Gruta and many more..

We also have a couple of Golf Clubs, where you can play golf, tennis or a good poker hand; or enjoy the swimming pool, steam bath or just take a nap in their beautiful gardens. This will give you the opportunity of enjoying the facilities at a moderate monthly rate and the chance of making new friends..

Make sure to spend at least a few minutes a day relaxing in the shade of the Jardin listening to the strolling estudiantinas (student musicians) or walking through the tropical gardens (with resident snowy egrets) in the Parque Juarez or the Botanical Gardens..

Take the Sunday morning House and Garden Tour to get a peak at some of the treasures hidden behind the brightly painted walls of the town. Take the Sunday morning House and Garden Tour to get a peak at some of the treasures hidden behind the brightly painted walls of the town.



Many weekends, you will be waking up to the sound of fireworks, don't worry, this is not a revolution ; it's only a religious festivity, one of the many we have. At these celebrations, Mexican people enjoy flare, excitement and pageantry. But after a few weeks you will get used to it and will become part of your life in San Miguel.

In June, the city becomes a big Carnaval, with the "Locos Parade". Where more than five thousand persons dance through different downtown streets, in costumes resembling famous personalities of Mexican and international political life. As they pass, they throw candies to the children. This celebration in to honor their patron saint, "San Antonio"..

In September, we have our biggest and greatest celebrations. Starting with September 15th, Independence day.  Then the big party comes, honoring the patron saint, "San Miguel Arcangel". People wait with impatience and great rejoicing at all these regional and patriotic parties. The city changes into a musical uproar and fireworks.

The religious and pagan traditions join together to begin a magnificent, colorful and mystical parade, with folkloric dances from different places in the country. San Miguel thus preserves the spirit of our native customs.



Two of the most important cultural centers in the city are :

CENTRO CULTURAL "EL NIGROMANTE", in which you can learn and improve any of the "BELLE ARTS", such as, paint, dance, sculpture, photography, music, and others..

It is a branch of the wellknown Instituto de Bellas Artes in Mexico City. The impressive building, which dates from the mid-18th century, was once the Convento de la Concepcion and features an immense, tree-shaded courtyard. 

A bulletin board lists lectures and concerts given both here and elsewhere in the city. Several murals are also exhibited, including one by David Alfaro Siqueiros.

The other one is the "INSTITUTO ALLENDE", that offers courses in jewelry, sculpture, language, painting, etc. With academic credit at international level..

Also, San Miguel de Allende has these UNIVERSITIES: Allende University, +  Patria University, Continente Americano University, + Instituto San Miguellense, + UTSMA, Universidad Tecnologica de San Miguel de Allende,+  Universidad Tecnologica de San Miguel de Allende, + extensions of the State University of Guanajuato that offer degrees and language studies..

There's an amateur theater group called "Players Workshop" performing two seasons per year. The plays they put on stage have a high quality, and delight the public. We also have 2 seasons of Chamber Music with well known artists from all over the world.

Yearly in October, at Guanajuato City, the "Festival Cervantino" takes place. This festival has become one of the most largest and International Cultural events in Mexico. Some of the programs are extended to our city, so we have the chance to enjoy them..


We are proud to have THE BIGGEST BILINGUAL LIBRARY IN LATINOAMERICA.   "Biblioteca Publica de San Miguel de Allende"

And it's also the headquarters of our newspaper,, "Atencion San Miguel", which is printed in both languages, showing the integration of both cultures..

At the library, kids have the opportunity of taking art and English classes free. Also, the "Club de Amigos" where foreigners and Mexican chat in both languages, being this a great way to learn a language. But, the biggest contribution of the library is the scholarships, for natives in order to achieve an education..

Arts and crafts, being a part of our cultural wealth, show the artisans magic hands that transform any material into a fascinating work of art.

You can buy art everywhere in San Miguel de Allende.   The city is well known for its fine shopping - often niche and boutique shops - selling high quality of its regionally produced arts and crafts with a rich variety.

Metalwork, masks, trays, lanterns, picture frames and decorative objects made of tin, copper, brass, bronze and wrought iron and the design of local silversmiths are particularly worth seeking out..

Also available are pottery, weaving, sculpture, straw items, papel mache, hand-loomedd cambayaacloth (a material frequently used to make skirts), and folk and traditional art.

Our colonial furniture is some of the finest produced in Mexico.



San Miguel de Allende  is one of the best places in all of Latin America to learn Spanish or take art classes. Here some suggestions to you::

Instituto Allende,    Warren Hardy Spanish,    Centro Mexicano de Lengua y Cultura de San Miguel, Academia Hispano Americana,   Instituto de Habla Hispana,   Spanish For You, and many more..



What about health ? San Miguell de Allende has a numerous physicians with different specialties. Also, 2 modern hospitals: The city hospital or "Hospital General Felipe Garcia Dobarganes" located at number One of Primero de Mayo street, Ignacio Ramirez development, on the road to Queretaro City and one private hospital: "HospitalTec100" located at the libramientoo Celaya - Dolores Hidalgo.

We could continue on and on talking about magic San Miguel, but we find it quite difficult to write down all the advantages San Miguel has, we wanted only to give you an idea, but at the same time offer you the opportunity of discovering it by yourself.


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Cultural Heritage Of Humanity  UNESCO  Patrimonios Culturales De La Humanidad


On the World Best Awards of "TRAVEL & LEISURE" August 2010


Deserves The 4TH. PLACE of Top Cities Overall In The World

The FIRST PLACE Of Mexico, Central & South America Cities

On the Readers Choice Awards, November 2012 from

"CONDE NAST TRAVELER" & "Best In The World"


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